What We Stand For

We’re an accountant for life. By this, we don’t just mean that we strive for long-term, productive client relationships. It also means we work to future-proof your finances so you and your families can enjoy better, more fulfilling lives…

We’re a family-focused firm that seeks to challenge existing business models in the interests of better businesses and better families. We see ourselves as an accountant for life delivering a plan to live by – tax strategies, business improvement partnering, a framework for a sound financial plan and an estate plan for all generations of your family.

We challenge ourselves to find ways for busy people like you to spend more time with your families. In the day-to-day, that’s where Xero comes in. In the medium and long-term, everything we touch is about making this happen.

We’d go so far as to say that we believe we have a moral obligation to use our skills and good fortune to change lives for the better – the lives of our clients, our staff and even the lives of people we don’t even know.

How do we operate? 

Scope: We clearly define our scope and stick to it. If something crops up outside of scope, we’ll let you know and together we’ll decide a course of action. Contact: We’ll keep you informed of progress. If we need something, we’ll ask. And we’ll respond quickly to your calls or queries and expect you to do the same.

Who will do your work? 

We’ll choose our best team members for your job. They’ll be the best qualified and most experienced to fit your needs and deliver a quality outcome at great value. When necessary, we’ll collaborate with our clients, team and other external advisors [link to Associates page]. It’s an integrated approach that works for everyone.

How much do we charge? 

We don’t charge by the hour. Clock-watching just isn’t our thing. Instead, we look at what value our work will give you because we know you’re concerned about: 

  • A great quality product 
  • Meeting your priorities 
  • Great service 
  • A fair and reasonable price

So we focus on getting the job done right and on time, to improve your business within scope and budget. If you prefer, you can pay monthly by direct debit or we’ll set up a payment plan that works with the ups and downs of your cash flow.