Tax compliance shouldn’t be thought of as yet another to-do on your action list. It’s actually part of your bigger financial picture that needs looking at in the greater context of working towards a better life…

We understand why people often think they can save money by dealing with their own personal tax. But when things start to get a little bit complicated, when you miss out on tax deductions you didn’t realise were claimable, or when your DIY approach takes you away from doing things with your family on a sunny weekend... Where’s the value in that?

We don’t think of dealing with your tax return as ‘just another compliance thing’. Instead, we look at the bigger picture to help you better your life. We find out about you, your family, your needs, your hopes and plans for the future – and then set up the structures and processes to make it happen, giving you the time to do the kind of stuff you’d prefer to be doing. We can:

  • Help manage your investments
  • Help you calculate and minimise your Capital Gains Tax 
  • Help you with how and when is the best time to spend 
  • Give you the tax tips you need to maximise your tax deductions 
  • Set you up on Xero personal accounting software so you can get your money management done quickly, easily, accurately… even ‘as you go’

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