Our History

While we’re forward-focused, we’re also very conscious of the fact that our past has got us where we are today because it has helped shape our Why…

Gill, McKerrow has been around in its present form since 1987, although the business’s origins stem from the 1960's. Since then, we’ve formed great working relationships – and friendships – with our clients. We’ve:

  • Watched families and their needs evolve over time 
  • Been an integral part of the evolution of businesses, through start-up, growth and exit strategies 
  • Planned retirements and cared for estates

We’re successful in helping businesses and families grow and change because we’re right by their side, providing 100% support through constantly changing times and circumstances and the thick and thin of their personal and business finances. This support is responsive, consistent and delivered with integrity and intelligent thinking. We don’t take risks. We do our research and use the latest ideas and technology to support everyone’s endeavours.

More than anything, because we get to know our clients so well, we know that one solution doesn’t fit every client.