Ongoing Review of Estate Plan

We’re not the kind of accounting firm that does the job and files it away. As devoted family people, we know that circumstances change and families don’t stand still. That’s why we provide ongoing reviews of your estate plan…

Divorce, deaths, disagreements, marriage… all of these and more can necessitate a change in your estate documents.

Whatever the change in circumstances, you can rest assured that our ongoing review process will ensure that the structures surrounding your estate – including your critical events plan – are kept up-to-date. So you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that the estate structures will fulfill their functions when the time comes. Reviews may also be required if:

  • The executor is unable to handle the responsibility of the estate 
  • A beneficiary needs to be removed or replaced 
  • A new beneficiary is born into your family 
  • There is a major change in the financial landscape of the estate 
  • You’re entering a new relationship or ending an old one 
  • You sell or give away assets mentioned specifically in the will 
  • You buy or inherit significant assets

Contact us now if you want the peace of mind that comes with ongoing reviews of your estate plan.