Critical Events Plan

Having a carefully considered critical events plan in place can make all the difference to your family in the event of your death or disability – and all the difference to your peace of mind…

With a critical events plan in place, your family will have the comfort they need at a time they most need it, knowing there’s a tailored action plan in place to guide them in what to do and who to contact.

Our estate planning process is comprehensive, well considered and includes identifying the key issues of any potential crisis that would impact your loved ones. Our critical events plan includes a complete register of family and professionals who would deal with any estate matter. Plus:

  • The structures in place – their purposes and entitlements 
  • The documents required so that decision making can continue unimpeded 
  • All required documents readily accessible in the cloud for prompt action 
  • A register of assets and debts 
  • A list of insurances in place 
  • Legal responsibilities, particularly care of dependants

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