Add-ons for an End-to-end Solution

Using Xero Add-ons, we can provide you with an end-to-end solution that integrates many of your business processes seamlessly with your accounting system…

Whatever business you’re in, we can advise on a range of Xero Add-ons to help manage various aspects of your day-to-day.

From eCommerce to inventory, invoicing and jobs to payroll and HR, there’s sure to be an Add-on that does the job and gives you the chance to get on with life outside of work. Here are some Add-ons we’ve worked with:

  • Receipt Bank – Submit your receipts and invoices by post, iPhone, Android, email etc and Receipt Bank converts it into data your business can use. No more data entry. 
  • WorkflowMax – The all-in-one job management software for quotes, time sheets, job costing, invoices and more. So good, we use it ourselves. 
  • Debtor Daddy – Takes care of debtors and late payers automatically. 
  • VendHQ – POS, inventory and customer loyalty software for retailers, VendHQ automatically publishes daily sales totals to Xero for easy reconciliation. 
  • Unleashed – Online inventory management software for perpetual inventory control of stock movements, for tracking stock across multiple locations, back ordering and more. 
  • MYP – Pull and push your client data from your workflow management system to the ultimate Customer Relationship Management tool built to connect with other eSystems that you can develop. 
  • Salesforce – The CRM sales app that, by using a Salesforce connector partner, automatically connect your opportunities and client data into your Xero account. 
  • Sharesight – Investment portfolio management that integrates details of purchases, sales and dividends with Xero. 
  • SafeguardmyDiGA – An automated Excel spreadsheet that connects with Xero, Receipt Bank, Unleashed, WorkflowMax and VendHQ. Simple data backup to protect your business info.
  • PocketRent – Property Management for maintenance, building and complex management and automatic rent reconciliation. 
  • Timely – Appointment scheduling and online booking management for beauty therapists, hairdressers, health and wellbeing clinics, fitness professionals etc. 
  • Spotlight & Fathom – KPI’s analytics forecasting and reporting for business owners into management accounting. For financial and non-financial KPI’s. 
  • Checkeeper – Online cheque printing and cheque registry, you can print and save cheques to pay vendors on your own pre-printed cheque stock or have Checkeeper do it for you.

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