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Apr 10

Why Creating Connections Can Be Viral

Posted by Jeremy Harris at Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why is it that some companies pay millions of dollars to advertisers just to try to make a campaign go viral and it doesn't work? 

It fails to connect...

By this I don't mean people fail to see it or even to respond to it. It fails to connect because it doesn't hit enough people right at their core. It doesn't sing to them about their Why.

Simon Sinek gives us great content about what drives us to do what we do. To see one of the best examples of his work you should spend the time watching his video below. The single biggest failing of the advertising companies is that it doesn't understand why we do what we do because that is not in the trend analysis data.

Now I'm not suggesting I know what makes things go viral, but I do know that what drives me is to make connections with people, with products, with brands, with places that make me feel good inside because they resonate with who I am - generous, concerned for others, wanting to help.

How I make connections... 

My favourite way to make connections at work is through our giving program through B1G1 - Business For Good where businesses like Gill, McKerrow can make regular and consistent micro-impacts to help people around the world. The reason for this is that it allows me to express my generosity, concern for others and helpfulness in a way other people can see clearly. And because I also try to lead by example, as a gift to you for reading my blog, I am going to prevent blindness in a child. So after you have watched the video, click on the link below and I will donate on your behalf.

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