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Apr 27

3 surveys that changed our business—and our customers’ lives

Posted by Deborah Harris at Monday, April 27, 2015

Are there any questions you’ve always wanted to ask your customers?

Maybe you’d like to know what’s important to them and what their priorities are, both in business and in life. Perhaps you’re concerned about their future, and want to ask what contingency plans they have in place. Or maybe you just want to know what they really think about you and your business.

Fortunately, online surveys make it easy to ask your customers these questions and, more importantly, get their honest answers.

But you need to be careful. Like most people, customers don’t like being asked too many questions. So you need to ask the ones that will have the most impact on your business.

Here are three surveys where the answers have helped us so much they’ve actually changed the way we do business.

1. The Net Promoter Score

This is a great way to find out what people think of your business. And all you’re doing is asking them one question:

“How likely are you to recommend BUSINESS NAME to a friend or colleague?”

Even better, they answer simply by picking a number between zero and ten.

And here’s what you can get from their answers:

Customers who scores you between zero and six are known as Detractors. They’re not happy with you, and their negative opinion may even detract from your brand image. (Look out if they get on social media.)

Those who gave you a seven or an eight are described as Passives. While it looks like a reasonable score, chances are they won’t be going out of their way to promote your business. They’re not necessarily loyal to your brand, and could be influenced away.

Anyone who scored you a nine or a ten is a Promoter. They’ll actively help promote your brand image. They’re loyal and enthusiastic brand supporters. And they’ll refer others to your brand, fuelling growth.

To come up with an overall score (the Net Promoter Score), simply subtract the percentage of Promoters you have  from the percentage Detractors. 

Why do I like this tool so much? Because in our industry service is everything, and it’s the only way you can measure dissatisfaction. (There’s no exchange desk for faulty products.) This simple tool gives us a unique insight into brand loyalty, and whether our service is hitting the mark.

(Oh, and if you need help creating a form to capture all the data I thoroughly recommend Formstack.)

2. The WITY (“What’s Important To You”) Survey

This survey from MYP guides your customers through a series of questions to determine what their priorities are, both personally and in business. It then produces a report you can use to:

  • tackle the priorities in order of importance
  • identify and manage network referral opportunities to other service providers.

We have a link to this survey on our website for our customers, and the information we get has really helped us meet their needs.

Want to try it out for yourself? Just click on the image.

3. Estate Planning For Life

At a recent MYPCorp conference in Sydney a much-respected accountant moved me to tears. He talked about the tragic loss of his brother-in-law, and how him not having his affairs in order divided his family .

Estate Planning for Life is not a simple survey. It’s complex, time-consuming for fill out, and brings up all sorts of issues that can divide entire families.

But the end result is staggering.

It produces a great Action Report, which allows you to systematically put your affairs in order. You can also use it to collate all the information needed for someone to take up the reins of managing your household’s:

  • liabilities
  • assets
  • bills
  • insurances
  • etc.

The information can be extracted in a Crisis Management Plan that clearly outlines:

  • what the immediate priorities are
  • where the information can be found
  • who is available to help manage the crisis

And the Crisis Management Plan can be enacted around scenarios other than death, such as short- and long-term incapacitation.

This is the most life-changing survey I’ve ever done. And I’m sure it’s changed the lives of our customers who’ve completed it.  

Want to know more?  Simply click on the image.

As I said earlier, these three surveys have changed the way we do business. But more importantly, they’ve helped us change people’s lives for the better.

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