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Jan 24

How CRM software can work wonders for your business

Posted by Deborah Harris at Saturday, January 24, 2015

First up - in case you were wondering - just what is a CRM system?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is invaluable for helping businesses manage their relationships with customers, and store potential sales leads for current and future customers.

The most effective CRM software let you organise your marketing, technical support, customer service, sales leads and current opportunities from a single location.

The Xero Accounting software add-on community has developed dozens of products to make operating a small business easier, and many CRM tools integrate with this software.  A lot of them involve learning new and unique systems that integrate well with the accounting software. The one great problem with these products is that they often fail to integrate between systems.

Get a fully integrated CRM system

Over the past few years Gill McKerrow and Associates has been working closely with MYPCorp to develop our own software to automate and integrate our processes. MYP started out in 1999 as a consulting firm, offering a broad range of services in HR, business coaching and management and IT consulting. Since developing their first CRM tool in 2010, they’ve built a strong platform of services including:

  • a project management module

  • events management

  • marketing tools

  • document management

  • HR modules

  • business dashboard tools

  • a scoping and quoting system (an idea we brought to market)

  • a hub you can set up for quick access to your cloud-based tools (even those not part of the MYP toolkit)

They also provide a plethora of highly automated tools for accountants including:

  • benchmarking

  • business valuation

  • succession planning

  • survey tools

  • estate planning.

These CRM software tools help us capture relevant information consistently, and provide professional reports to give you our client the key information you need. Best of all, they connect not only with Xero but also MYOB and other accounting providers.

And all from a single database!

Their CRM system ‘Administration, Relationships and Management (ARM)’ comes in a ‘lite’ version for small businesses or start-ups. And as your business grows you can choose from their  existing marketplace products, or even develop your own.

If you want to know more about MYP’s suite of client relationship management products, and how they could fit your business, contact Deborah Harris at Gill, McKerrow and Associates. We can help you automate your own business processes, leaving you free to build your business.

And if you’d like to see the professional reports and processes MYP can develop, take our What's Important To You (WITY) survey by clicking the image below or on our website pages.

If you read this and find some inspiration,click here.

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